Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Water Voles

Hello all,

I have been looking in to a new Water Vole site over the weekend. Thanks to Stewart Canham for a great introduction and showing me my first Water Vole!!!

The Water Vole is very much in trouble. With a 90% decline in population in the last 40 years, there are not many places that these can be found. However they are great to find and when you see them through the viewfinder it makes it so special.

Staying still and quiet is very important when it comes to photographing these guys. Also its important to find out where they are going and which holes are being used the most. Yesterday we saw three all go to the same small section of bank, so I will be focussing there next time.

My aim is to film over the summer and really try to get some interesting shots that are unique and different to what I have seen before. Im not sure if this is possible however I feel that it is, if I put the hours in.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Short Eared Owls

I have been working on some different stuff this week/ weekend so I will be catching up this week.

The first one is a short eared owl site I have been researching on the internet for ages and finally managed to get to it at the end of last week. It was cool to finally see it after months of google maps. 

However it is very late in the season for short eared owls, and so they were very close to migrating back to there home land......

I managed to get to the site for a few evenings and each I was able to see them but got some distant shots. Next year I am going to try to keep off the shutter until the last minuet, because they tend to keep there distance after they heard the camera. 

Stay tuned for next year.