Saturday, 30 April 2011

Cornish Mine

Today I went on another trip down an old Cornish Mine. This mine situated in the St Just mining region, was a younger example of the last mine I posted about. This mine is currently being restored by a group of enthusiasts, and is worked just as it would have been hundreds of years ago. They use the same tools,  methods and have the same difficulties as experienced many years ago. In parts the mine is above the average hight and the tunnels can be walked down with ease. Some are narrower and in places very small. All the images below are taken without flash at 6400 ISO and nothing but a small head torch to light them. We were given a small guided tour of the mine and then we were allowed to explore ourselves. While the guys got on with excavating a new vertical tunnel to a recently discovered mine shaft. It was a really cool experience and in one trip through the mine, 90 ft of ladders are climbed (one handed with a camera) and small narrow path ways lead you 600ft underground. 

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

17 Century Cornish Mine

Today, I was lucky enough to go on a trip down a Cornish Mine built in the 1600's. It was an incredible experience, and a great chance to see the inner workings of a very early Cornish mine. The mine was in the Pendeen area and was situated on the side of a cliff hidden from view. The only access is via a small foot path that is over grown and almost not even a foot path. Small passage ways and knee deep water whilst 40m inside a cliff was an incredible experience.
The Images that I took where without flash and at 6400 ISO. I personally like the grainy appearance, and feel it adds to the already terrifying experience.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Grey Seals

Yesterday, I recorded and photographed a new member of my Seal Group at my location on the South Coast. I have seen this male before but always confused him for another female Seal. This male is extremely inquisitive and was happy to come and check us out while we sat completely still on the rocks. Surfacing every 3-4 minutes in the same place just to watch us before submerging again in to the kelp forest below.
I now have seen and photographed three individuals in the area and I believe there might be a fourth member of the group. However at the moment I have recorded 1 adult female and two males.

'Marvin' Adolescent Male - North Atlantic Grey Seal

'Marvin' Adolescent Male - North Atlantic Grey Seal

'Margret' Adult Female - North Atlantic Grey Seal

 'Margret' Adult Female - North Atlantic Grey Seal

 'Noah' Adult Male - North Atlantic Grey Seal

  'Noah' Adult Male - North Atlantic Grey Seal

  'Noah' Adult Male - North Atlantic Grey Seal

Noah - Grey Seal

Yesterday I photographed a new member of my Seal Group on the South Cornish Coast. This large male came closer and closer to us as we sat still on the rocks. He was diving for 3-4 minutes and surfacing close to us to check us out. Awesome experience with and incredible species! The Male is now called 'Noah' - and I am going to try and monitor his movements along the South Coast as much as possible.

This image show this large adult male, exhaling before he dives. The is common behaviour, as seals hold the oxygen needed for the dive with in their blood. 

Monday, 25 April 2011

Lundy Island

I have just returned from a trip to Lundy Island. It is safe to say its an awesome place with really good wildlife. We had two sessions with seals and about 2 hours on the island. The visibility in the water was hopeless so viewing seals underwater was hard unless they came within about 2 meters. On land we had just enough time to walk a bit of the coastal path and photograph some species living in the remote cliffs that surround the island. 


 North Atlantic Grey Seal 

Thursday, 21 April 2011

New Seal - Margret

I have been in contact with Sue from the Cornwall Seal Group and It looks like Margret, might be previously unrecorded in Cornwall. I have been monitoring this group of Seals on the south coast for a while and I believe there are at least three in the area. At least two females and possibly a male. I am trying to get decent side on images of each of the seals (as these are best for identification) inorder to find out more about them, or whether they are new Seals altogether.
I am away for a few days now, starting with a trip to Lundy Island tomorrow!!!

Adult Female - Atlantic Grey Seal

Friday, 15 April 2011


Below are a few images taken with a small compact camera. I will try to get one of the D200s and get dome better quality pictures but this is a start I guess! The vis was not too good today but again it gives me something to aim for. The video is just a little bit of fun, nothing good quality.
1 Adult Female and 3 Adolescent North Atlantic Grey Seals!

Thursday, 14 April 2011

New Camera

Just got a new camera and went out for the first real play today. Its a D7000 and I was just playing and checking it out.
Apart from it being a bit small to hold it nice and seems to work well! These are just a few shots that I took today, while trying to photograph the seals I have been following.
This seal below was the only one there today but I have seen others in the area before. I am going to call it Margaret!!
Not sure what the bird at the bottom is? I think a type of Pipit?

Monday, 4 April 2011

Badgers and Kingfishers

While being back in dorset, I am on a mission to photograph badgers and possibly a kingfisher.
For the badgers, I am using a set of infrared triggers to fire the camera. I have a set near-by and I am setting the camera up every evening, around 6 oclock, along one of the most commonly used paths. Using peanuts in a submerged jam jar attracts the badgers and hopefully through the triggers.

I have had a few attempts so far. On the first night nothing triggered. Last night the infrared triggers were cold and stopped working. Tonight, the triggers are out and again on a very commonly used path. Using trial and error I am going to find methods that work best and I will post images as and when and actually if I ever get them!!!

But here are some randoms anyway!

Friday, 1 April 2011

Last Day of Cornwall

Today was my last day in cornwall for this term. Hopefully when I get back it will be truly Summer and a season of Basking sharks and Sunfish hunting will commence. Today I went to a location I have been looking at for part of my current uni project:

'Natural behaviour of Cornwall's Grey Seals in and out of the water, and the human impact upon them'

I shot for the human impact section today as the foam on the surface of the water creates the appearance of pollution.
I am currently unsure as to the number of seals in the area. Around 3 possibly 4, although only one was surfacing at any one time!
Afterwards we spent a small amount time at Marazion Marsh 'failing to see a Bitten'