Monday, 4 April 2011

Badgers and Kingfishers

While being back in dorset, I am on a mission to photograph badgers and possibly a kingfisher.
For the badgers, I am using a set of infrared triggers to fire the camera. I have a set near-by and I am setting the camera up every evening, around 6 oclock, along one of the most commonly used paths. Using peanuts in a submerged jam jar attracts the badgers and hopefully through the triggers.

I have had a few attempts so far. On the first night nothing triggered. Last night the infrared triggers were cold and stopped working. Tonight, the triggers are out and again on a very commonly used path. Using trial and error I am going to find methods that work best and I will post images as and when and actually if I ever get them!!!

But here are some randoms anyway!


  1. lovely shots sam! gd luck on the kingfisher and badgers dude!

  2. HEY HOMIE! loving some of the shots man, keep em' coming, hope alls good babes