Saturday, 30 April 2011

Cornish Mine

Today I went on another trip down an old Cornish Mine. This mine situated in the St Just mining region, was a younger example of the last mine I posted about. This mine is currently being restored by a group of enthusiasts, and is worked just as it would have been hundreds of years ago. They use the same tools,  methods and have the same difficulties as experienced many years ago. In parts the mine is above the average hight and the tunnels can be walked down with ease. Some are narrower and in places very small. All the images below are taken without flash at 6400 ISO and nothing but a small head torch to light them. We were given a small guided tour of the mine and then we were allowed to explore ourselves. While the guys got on with excavating a new vertical tunnel to a recently discovered mine shaft. It was a really cool experience and in one trip through the mine, 90 ft of ladders are climbed (one handed with a camera) and small narrow path ways lead you 600ft underground. 


  1. Great looking Images there Sam,looks a bit frightening.

  2. boas amigo SAM as fotos estão uma maravilha meu parabéns continua assim, um abraço marques.