Friday, 28 October 2011

Seal Pup

I am very sorry for the lack of posting recently, Im not really sure why but I have had an over load of processing to do because of so much shooting recently. I have finally got round to doing it and this is a shot which I found from the 9th of October. Taken at a secret location on the North Coast. This young seal pup called Quiche is here seen hauled up playing in the sand. 
There is a number of seals in the area but only this young female hauls on the beach. I am hoping that once she moves off then another adult female will move on to give birth. Although I am mainly doing moving image this year, I cant help taking a view stills. 

This format is not something I would not normally do however with this image I feel that it works well. 
Please let me know what you think of this image. 

1/1000 sec f3.2 @ 300mm

I am going back to uploading on image a day from now on so check back for updates. 

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  1. That is a truly stunning image Sam. The detail when you look at an enlarged version is fantastic - the sand, the texture of the beautiful creature. Excellent stuff.