Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Another Otter

This image was taken on sunday in Dorset. Once I had found myself a low level platform I was able to wait and shoot when the otters returned to the surface. I had to learn how to track them underwater by using their bubble trails and pre focus before they came up. Quite hard to master but I was just about getting there when the sun set, so soon I will have some more shots for you. 

200mm f2.8


  1. What a fantastci result as a reward for such expert fieldcraft. Tremendous images.

  2. Stunning image, Sam. As good as I've seen of a English river otter.

  3. Beautifil blog with amazing pictures!You have a new follower! Compliments by Italy! :)

  4. This is a great shot.
    Your do lucky to see them Sam.

  5. Hi Sam - I was nominated for a blog award, and, in turn, have nominated your blog for it's wonderful pictures. I hope that's OK.