Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Another Otter

All I seem to be uploading at the moment is Otter shots, thats because I am working mainly with moving image this year and so I am not taking many stills worth uploading. Having said this I do try to take the occasional weekend off to photograph other stuff for my portfolio. I have to take advantage of these lens available to me before they are stolen back by the University in June. Its a scary time however I try to not think about it to much! 

My longest lens when I finish this course will be a sigma 500mm that makes the images look like they have been shot with a lens made of cotton wool! Or next in line, the mighty 28-80mm Nikon kit lens I got with my D90 a few years ago. 

I am looking at raising some money over a few months after uni to get a sigma 120-300mm 2.8 because I have heard they are very sharp. If any one has had any experiance with this lens it would be great to here from you. 

Anyway back to the shot below. I had been waiting less than 5 minuets when this Otter turned up. He stayed about for about 10 mins then vanished. Its amazing how they can disappear so fast. This one dived to catch some fish and never came up! I looked up and down the river however it was gone! 

When uni is over I will focus on them and try and get some original stuff, not sure how possible this is however I think there must be some shots waiting to be captured of these guys doing something really special. 

Let me know what you think!

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