Friday, 9 March 2012

Otters, Mother and Cubs

On my way back from Cornwall I decided to stop in at my local site for Otters. It was really quiet and there were no dog walkers or anything so it all seemed a bit strange. However I pressed on and walked the length of the footpath looking for anything going really. I came across a couple of kingfisher on the far bank and some different ducks and moorhens. When I got about 10 mins in to my walk I heard what sounded like 3 kingfisher all calling and splashing in the shallows. I thought it might have been a couple of males fighting so I got to a good view point and suddenly saw what was making the noise. Two Otter cubs!!! The were sat on the bank waiting to be fed by mum, who was out in the middle of the river hunting for them. 

I only had a D90 and my (very old and very worn) sigma 150-500mm. It soon decided that it did not want to work and so OS, AF, and the control of Apature soon stopped working all together. I tried my best with it and I am happy with the shots considering the circumstances. I would have loved a 500mm f4 but I didnt have one so there is no point in me getting pissed off. Having said this, at the time I was fuming, because im not sure how soon an opportunity like this will come up again. 

OH WELL......

Have a look and see what you think, 

Cub hiding against the river bank 

Cubs playing in the water 

Cubs following mum 

Cubs playing on the river bank 

Cub entering the water 

Cub with mum 

Cub waiting for food 

Cubs with mum 

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  1. Lovely set of photos Sam, even considering circumstances! Would love to see Otters, let alone photograph them like this. Well done, regards, Josie :)