Tuesday, 31 May 2011

First in Ages

I had a last minute decision to go a quick shoot yesterday. It was the first in ages and I decided to go find some seals. I went to my usual spot and sat and waited. It was falt calm at first and there where no seals present. I think this is due to them being out at sea feeding. After about an hour the wind picked up and so did the swell, soon there was one member of the group just off the rocks and I was able to only get 5 images of him before he dived once more.  The seal I photographed was Christoph, he is an adolescent male and I have only seen him in the area once before. However he is now named and in my catalogue. I have now photographed and named 6 seals in the area and he is one of 3 males. 

Christoph - Adolescent Male North Atlantic Grey Seal 

Male Kestrel - Hunting 

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