Friday, 1 July 2011

Hedgehogs Night 3

Tonight, I was experimenting with the hedgehogs, I tried at first to sit still and quiet and wait for them to emerge. They did, however not many were present. I also got covered in red ant stings and thought it was time to go in. However just as I was about to leave one member of the group walked out of the bushes in front of me and I quickly changed to my wide angle and set up my gorilla pod and wireless trigger. I waited until the animal came within the pre focused range of my lens and fired the trigger. I used a very small LED torch to light the image. I need to improve these images, particularly focusing  and I will be working on this over the nest few days. Hopefully tomorrow morning I will have luck with the foxes! 


  1. Wow you really have patients. I guess these little guys are pretty elusive. Well you finally got one.

  2. I adore hedgehogs and see them less frequently than I used to.

    You have incredible patient (as most wildlife photographers do) the images are beautiful.