Thursday, 24 November 2011

Something Different

This is a shot that I took a view weeks ago, I was just trying to put grey seals within there environment. 
Im not sure about it 100% but it can go in my project as experimentation and its something to work on. I suppose that the aim to to achieve good landscape results with grey seals in the shot as well.  

70mm 4sec f 22


  1. Works for me, Sam. Always good to see a different approach to a much photographed subject.
    Background and banner look the biz by the way!


  2. Ah thanks, yeah i wasn't doing the giff but that makes sense as jpg cant carry transparency.
    Im doing my whole third year final project on grey seals, Its proving hard to make shots different but im trying,

  3. The new blog layout looks great Sam.

  4. This is a great picture Sam, they look like they've just been washed in on the tide.

    I like the new look to your blog too.