Sunday, 16 September 2012

Kingfisher Project part 1

Hi guys,

I have decided to work on a project for the winter. I chose the Kingfisher! Its mainly because it has been a real hard one for me in the past, and I have never really got anything worth keeping. And also because I have a relatively good site for them and its well worth exploring. So Although I have worked there a lot in the past, I have decided to start afresh with this one and re think the site completely.

I am mainly working on video as the whole idea of the film is to add to my showreel. But there is no way I wont take some stills along the way!

I am now working from a hide which I never did before, (I always used cammo netting and natural obstacles) I am also using perches that I have put in and so far they are proving more popular than the existing trees in the area!!!

I am now on my 4th day of the project and so far I have seen the same juvenile female everytime. She has been standing her ground in many of fights and it now looks like she is going to gain the territory and stay for good. I guess the following months and the transition to next spring will tell.

I started by getting there way before sunrise and waiting from there. I had some great views at that time however I soon noticed a massive problem. I was filling memory cards with unusable footage due to poor light therefore high ISO's by far the best thing I have learnt so far (filming in mind) is to get there when the light is good and start from there. Or leave the camera switched off until the light is how you want it. Dont be tempted to shoot if the light is not how you want it. you will just shoot stuff you dont need and/or want. 

Out of interest I got to the site at 1pm the other day and within 10 mins I had the bird on my perch. So I am now able to turn up as and when depending on the light and know the birds will be around. 

I am now working on snapping the lads underwater!!! Now this is going to be a challenge!!! As im mainly filming I am leaving a go pro in place. Constantly recording and hopefully capturing all the action. 


It worked!!!! They are only snapps from video but its work in progress. I am soon going to start working on wide angle SlR and also under water SLR footage. I will bring you that when it arrives on my memory cards. 

Below are a few more screen shots from the filming so far. 

Watch this space!!!!

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  1. Keep snapping those still Sam! Looking forward to seeing more like this.