Thursday, 23 June 2011

Peregrine Falcon - 3rd Attempt

Today I had a bit more luck with the Peregrines! As I walked up the footpath about 200m away from the nest, one of the adults flew past within the range of my 300mm. Although I would have preferred to have more warning and not be carrying a tripod at the time it was nice to see one in flight at a nice range. Also a buzzard at very close range. I need to experiment with different compositions for birds in flight. Does any one have any suggestions???

Peregrine Falcon 

Common Buzzard

 Common Buzzard - Attacked by Gull!!


  1. Hi Sam,checkout Steve Rogers blog.
    Southwest Optics.
    He's a fantastic photographer.

  2. Yeah just had a look, he has some nice stuff

  3. Very nice captures, Sam. Great shot of the aerial battle !