Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Peregrine Falcon - First Attempt

Ok, So before you look at these images and hate them, I need you to know that this is my first attempt at this subject and I have a long summer ahead of me which will be partly devoted to getting better images of these beautiful animals.
I have identified a nest of Peregrine Falcons, which contains one chick. This chick has much of its adult coat of feathers through, apart form a small patch under its left wing which still remains as white fluff. I observed the adult pair returning to the nest a few times however each time not bring with them any food, for the chick.

I also observed what I believe is practise flight, I guess as in order to build up the muscles required for the first important flight, from the nest.  The chick stood on the edge of the nest and violently flapped its wings until it basically fell out of the nest. It then panicked and managed to clamber its way back in to safety. I think that this chick is ready to leave and will be doing so very soon.

In the next few weeks I am hoping to achieve better images of these incredible animals and also start a small project on the Dipper. I will post more images soon.

Chick - Defending its self from local fulmars 

 Adult Female perched above the nest

 Adult Male perched above the nest

 Chick, standing on cliff edge outside the nest 

Practise flight - The young chick running though the motion of flapping


  1. These are great Sam,wonderful captures.

  2. good found sam, are these taken in cornwall??

  3. Thanks, Yeah they are, need to get a 10,000mm lens with a 4.8 teleconverter!!!