Tuesday, 30 August 2011


Below is another image of an Adder photographed in Cornwall! This adder was found on the south coast of Cornwall in a location which seems to have the perfect environment for these reptiles! I have been three times and both times have seen these creatures! 


  1. Hi Sam, Presume the Adder was around Prussia Cove - when we holidayed there many years ago they were out and about on the rocks above the driveway - warming themselves in the morning sun - you had to be careful going down to the little cove as they would be on the steps - scary ! Love the photo with its eye just visible ! Jim saw the Choughs the other day - but didn't manage a photo - they were too quick ! Sue

  2. Superb image Sam! Not had much luck tracking them down yet!

  3. Cheers ashley! Yeah they are hard to find and harder to photograph! but I am slowly getting the hang of it! basically just be super quiet and really still