Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Choughs! Sparrow Hawk! No Seals?

Today I decided to go back to one of my trusted seal sites to see which of my 6 studied Seals were still around after 3 months of being out of Cornwall. As I walked down towards the area,  a sparrow Hawk flew out of the hedge in front of my with a Black Bird in its talons. I was unable to get a shot but stalked it for a while and eventually got a snap of it. Nothing outstanding but I got a shot at least!

After this I went and got in to position for an afternoon of waiting for the seals. However I soon heard the call of the Choughs. They came round the headland and landed right next to me behind a small hedge. I crawled round and did my best to get shots in the 2-3 minuets they were feeding. They spent a short time feeding before talking to the skys and flying west, down the coast. 

I also saw my first adder, which as nice! 


  1. Great images Sam, love the crisp clean header.

  2. Nice shots of the Choughs, Jim is green with envy. Sue